FAQs from students!

So what exactly is The Impact Summit?

The Impact Summit is a conference for computer science students who want to merge their love of technology with the desire to create lasting social change! We'll be featuring panel discussions, workshops, and skill shares with social entrepreneurs from NGOs, impact investors in health tech, leaders of philanthropic organizations, software engineers at AI startups, founders of blockchain protocols, activists from environmental grassroots campaigns, developers in civic tech, professors from research institutions, and so much more. We'll also be hosting a career fair with 20+ companies to showcase meaningful career paths, and a pitch competition with $30,000 in prize money.

Why should I come?

So many reasons! We're building a community of ambitious, like-minded students who have the chance to connect with social entrepreneurs, mentors, career opportunities, and capital. We want you to leave the conference feeling like you took one giant step closer to your future at the intersection of tech and social good. Maybe that's because you won some prize money for a venture you've already been working on. Or maybe it's because you found your next internship. Or maybe it's because you made a best friend for the summer. Whatever it is, we want to be a part of making that possible!

What can I reasonably expect?

Lots of learning, lots of laughter, really kind people! Definitely a few late night conversations on life, the universe, and everything. And stickers. We'll have quite a few of those.

What can I unreasonably expect?


What is the purpose of The Impact Summit?

The Impact Summit was born out of a frustration that there are plenty of ways to work at large tech companies, but very few channels to find opportunities that connect tech with real, meaningful social value. We don't want our generation to give up on their dreams of creating lasting social impact.

When will The Impact Summit be taking place?

June 1-3rd. Show up at 5pm on Friday, head out at 5pm on Sunday. Check out the Schedule Page for more details.

Where is The Impact Summit being held?

The exact location will be announced to the accepted attendees. This is done to prevent conference crashers.

My mom just got really really really specific and asked me what I'm up to June 1-3rd. What should I tell her?

These are completely natural worries for a mother. Send her this page and she'll know exactly what you're up to!

How can I attend the summit?

You can apply using this link!

What's the application like?

The application should take no more than 20 minutes to complete and a main focus is to learn more about your technical background, interest in social impact, and values/ambitions. We also ask for your LinkedIn and Resumé in .pdf format to take a deeper dive into your professional background! Our goal is to help connect students with awesome career opportunities and make alternative pathways in tech more accessible.

Who is eligible to apply?

The conference is geared toward college students studying computer science. However, we welcome applicants of any age (high school, post-grad) and any major (STEM or otherwise) as the stickiest challenges will be solved by those from varying backgrounds. Please be aware though, that preference will be given to CS students. We do have one interesting caveat. If your name is Elon Musk, please reach out directly to us immediately at 201.668.2929 as we'll not only accept you but give you the opening keynote.

Do I really get to win $30,000 just for showing up at The Impact Summit?!

Nope! But we have a total $30,000 in prize money for blockchain demos and ventures at the Social Startup Pitch Competition.

What exactly is the Social Startup Competition?

The Social Startup Competition is a pitch competition to empower students with big ideas that marry tech with social good. Whether you've already raised a super successful seed round, or you've just got an idea on a whiteboard, we want to hear from you.

Lots of blockchain at the summit — whatsup with that?

Blockchain — and emerging technologies in general — have an outsized capacity to change the world, and we want to make sure that we explore how they can be leveraged for social good! To that end, we're hosting an optional blockchain for social impact hackathon beginning at 10am on June 1st. We'll be featuring mentors from super cool blockchain companies who will be able to support you as you develop your idea. Best of all, you'll get to demo your ideas on Saturday night before the Social Startup Competition for a chance to win prize money, all thanks to the generous support of the Social Alpha Foundation! Join the hackathon here.

Who are those fly lookin' folks in the pictures on the home page?

SO glad you asked! They're the amazing students from The Impact Fellowship, which was the first Impact initiative!

Does it cost anything to attend The Impact Summit?

Yes and no: there is a $30 registration fee that will be immediately reimbursed in full once you register for the conference in person on June 1st. A big thank you to our generous sponsor, Circle.com, for covering the cost of admission.

Will food be provided at The Impact Summit?

We will be providing dinner on Friday night. For Saturday and Sunday, light snacks, refreshments, and coffee will be provided. For all other meals, we will not be providing food, but we will be providing a $20 meal stipend. You are encouraged to delight in the cuisinological offerings of NYC!

Are there travel grants available for people coming from outside of NYC?

Unfortunately, travel grants are not available at this time.

Will housing accommodations be provided?

Attendees will have to make their own arrangements for housing. We're happy to start a Facebook group beforehand to connect students looking for spaces.

Is there fun to be had at The Impact Summit?

Uh. Yeah. The Impact Summit is going to be a blast. Don't miss out.